Awakening of a Reign

The Awakening in the reign is a sign that king is about to arrive. The king promised he will come and he never betrayed his people, and he is famous for his commitment and mercy. The only thing he demanded was far sightedness and strong believe on the Lord of the lords, from his people. The time has arrived, and people are strengthening believe on Lord. Reign is raising their voice against brutal crimes and injustice. The people are calling the king from the bottom of their hearts.

People has this believe that king always listen to them and help them in their needs, but this time people wants Him as a real ruling king, as a guide, as a teacher, as a merciful soul and as a protector from evil. He is just there and waiting for the right time, when true believers will come out to support the king to establish a pious kingdom.

The believers are in the battle ground to fight wars on every platform. The evil is right in front of them with all its magnificent powers, but lord will shower his blessings on believing him and this is the perfect time to witness miracles.


Doing Nothing Is A Hell Tough Job!

Doing nothing is seriously a hard job to do. Life was so good when doing nothing was a great thing to do, but now this feel is killing me. Wasting hours and hours and doing not a single thing at office, give me a feel that I am not worthy enough for this job.

I knew that I am not born for technology or the stuff related to it but who really cares. Learning new things, was never a bad idea. I am trying to learn and I know that this learning process is tough but never thought of staying idle in the office for long hours. This kind of things haunts me a lot. May be I am bad at learning but doing nothing is hell of a tough job. This is the worst kind of feeling I am living these days. I am trying to learn things but I am not very good with the technology information stuff, I know my faults and I am good at admitting it. writing these nonsense lines from office while sitting idly is a harshest thing to ever experience.

I never thought that doing nothing is such a tough job to do, and here I am doing it, Ofcourse not proudly. Changes occur in life but hate to sit in idle position is a worst change. I love to complain about the work which is use to be difficult for me, I love to complain about the things which is complicated to understand, I love to complain about the things that I don’t want to do, but complaining about sitting idle in the office is a saddest complain I have ever made. 😦

The fall of a pious Prince!

The fall of a pious Prince


The most pious prince of a land fallen by the people of his own kingdom, and reign has lost its power and prestige; they have conquered the lands in East and West but with no dignity and respect. They were smart with their swords, and they weakened the theory of logic and love.

Enmity succeeded the throne and love was imprisoned ruthlessly. Every good and fortune of love was gone with the fall of a prince and the world never seen peace after him. No doubt the prince had the legitimacy to get the throne and he was the only credible prince in the land. After the fallen prince the royal house faced the darkened picture of humanity, no one in the world ever experienced it before. The evil in human showed itself that may even devil himself ashamed of these brutalities against the most pious royal family.

The only left prince suffered the most cruel and harsh alone with the ladies and few innocent children of the royal household. The illegitimate ones enjoyed the succession of the pious throne, and from the very moment the poison of enmity felt in the winds of land.

After this heart wrenching incident God never truly sent his blessings on the land, and till this day land is experiencing the God’s wrath upon them. Human can’t come out with this rage without raising their voice in the favor of the true legitimate prince who had the true right to rule the reign.




In every society aristocrats or blue blood plays a pivot role to design society and describe its laws. They architect a plan according to their wishes mostly. Power gives them freedom to take great favors from society. Money grants them confidence to achieve their goals by over throwing hurdles from their ways.

Everyone points towards devilish, blood sucking elites mostly lives in forts gifted by governments in papers, of course. Reality is they took it themselves. Common man experienced this kind of elites in their surrounding; usually they don’t even know what are the actual signs or working ways of a blue blood. Defending a titled blue blood line is not an object just viewing the fact that who are the real elite actually.

Money is a weapon in an aristocratic circle, more money more power. A real blue blood takes money as a tool to grow his power and not to waste it in leisure and pleasure though buying them is an affordable deal. It’s a most important sign of a blue blood that they give a high value to their old/family money. Weather they have it or lose it. Business, healthy investments and money revolving is their ideal working tactics. It’s actually not the matter of their likes and dislikes or being good at this but it’s a need for their survival in the elite society.

A blue blood take money seriously that’s why we always seen them valuing money, over nearly most of the things dear to him. As a common person valuing money at that level is being inhuman in society but as elite money is a weapon, money is a tool for defence and survival. From a common prospective elites worship money and it is their only God they listen. But a common man doesn’t have enemies to fight with, it’s the elite who thinks for their days to be a like.

Deep down when a person look inside a real blue blood line, they got an answer that being a blue blood titled family is not at all about money but their credibility to lead a society. Designing plans to set goals and drawing laws to achieve them is their real art. Their most attractive way of working is they set trends and value the values of society because they have to. Staying on top demands critical sacrifices.

Leadership is their noble sword to lead society where ever they want to, these are a kind of people who can lead you to heaven and has all the ability to throw you in hell a very next moment. A leader can be a king anytime in his life but a king never be a leader in his lifetime. Money is a weapon of a leading class but not everyone with money can become elite.

Now a days a class of elites is replaced by money maker, brain less, below average, sense less commoners, who thinks money itself is power like a child thinks that a tank is power itself but the reality is it’s a man behind the machine not machine behind the man. This pocket full stooges thinks that they can buy brains with money and now they are self imposed leaders of people, representing a self gained blue blood title for their family and acts like royals to convince a blue blood commoner that their era is finished. One thing I know is that, a king can’t be a royal without ability and without fearful heart towards God and his people a brainless can’t be a leader. For a real blue blood money is a tool just a tool, but for this self imposed kings kind of leaders money is a religion to follow with closed eyes and yes specially with close brains.

Living a common life is not a shame but living a life of elite as sense less, is a real shame for a society. A brain less commoner can’t be a leader with his money but a commoner with his ability can be anytime. Money is a strong tool in the hands of a credible man and curse disease in the hands of a brainless self claimed leader.


From a blue blood commoner..  



Religious Extremism..


Few days back I was talking to my friend on religious extremism in Pakistan and I was surprised that even educated elite of my country also think that, religious sects are creating extremism in our country. Though this is not very surprising because now a days, in Pakistan people are more towards religious sides then on secular or moderate thinking.

 Following religion is always a better path to adapt as a human being and whatever sect you belong to is not a matter of other person’s interest. And I learned a very good thing during discussion with a Hindu lady that every religion preaches good things to humans and his nature. As a Muslim I believe in this theory because my religion is always in favour to protect humans and humanity. There is a rule of law and even no Prophet of God can go beyond it, every person in the boundary of Islam have to follow its laws and face punishments when they break it, and scripts told us that even if any Prophet made mistake he faced God’s punishment or warnings like Prophet Jonah(A.S).

Islam is not just a religion of peace and harmony but it is a religion of logic and justice. Peace and harmony prevails in Islam because it strictly follow justice with logic and no living creature dare to deny it and its importance in this religion.

Justice is the key pillar factor in Islam and just because of this factor Islam is a prominent religion among all. It allows women to be equal to men, it gives freedom to seek education to every single human being and most importantly it is not for certain era. It accepts change and maintains it with its own values.

 We can understand that one thing is certain in this religion that, it is highly strict with justice. So we can come to that point if any script is that much concern with justice so how can it preach extremism? Because if someone or some scriptural studies are so biased with its extreme thoughts then how can it do justice?

When we talk about extremism in Islam, we always go through with debate of sects. I simply don’t understand how sect creates extremism and killings in this century? This is a unresolved matter since 1400 years. There is two schools of thoughts in Islam since the very beginning of it. One follow Khilafat and other follow Wilayat, they both follow the scripts of Quran with logic and both have strong connections with the house of Prophet (PBUH). Basically it’s a matter of ruling the Islamic world one thinks Khilafat e Rashida had the right to rule and one thinks the Wali from the family of Prophet(PBUH) had all the rights to rule Muslim Ummah as God praised them in Quran and script says it is must to love Him(PBUH) and his family because they are pure ones. This is a basic thing from history of two schools of thoughts in Islam and this is not that poisonous as it is now a day’s west portrays. This is a very sensitive subject but of course not at that point that no one can listen each other. Both love the Prophet(PBUH) and his family and both agree that Khilafat e Rashida is a political reality of Islamic history and today what Islamic culture is, was actually sketched in that era.

Religious sects are not a reason for being killed every single day, there are lots of details we experience in our everyday life around the globe. As we carefully look into previous century we‘ll find the roots of this religious extremism. This extremism came with the west when they entered Persian Gulf region with their lust for power, money and energy. Their love for stealing oil from the region firstly start fuelling this rift, because the emperors of Muslim Ummah were the most brain less people of the world. Persian Gulf is actually a hub for every political activity and especially Hijaz is there so it is a center of religious activities and whatever is designed there have its impact on whole Muslim Ummah no matter which sect they belong. So if something good or bad is come from Makah has its deep consequences on common Muslim community.

 I don’t need to say much on it, in simple words if Persian Gulf stop favouring the interests of west and Israel, we can control this extremism cause this is not actually from inside but it is a foreign imposed religious extremism experimenting by our non sense mullahs.